Successmore Body Cheer S VERA ALOE VERA Sanitizer Cleansing Hand Gel 70% alcohol

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‘’Hand sanitizer containing alcohol and aloe vera to keep hands moisturized and soft. Clear gel texture, not sticky, has a pleasant smell, can be used as often as needed.

How to use: Drop the gel into the palm of your hand. Rub over the back of the hands and palms.

【Properties of alcohol gels】
1. Contains alcohol 70%
2.Kills germs and helps to reduce the accumulation of bacteria 99.99%.
3. Helps reduce the chance of spread of germs and dirt from touching.
4. Contains aloe vera and moisturizing glycerin.
Helps nourish the skin, nourish the skin of the hands.
5. Can be used often Without drying the hands
6. Convenient to carry, use as often as needed.

【Glycerin benefits】
1. Make your skin dry Feel softer Nourishes and nourishes hands
2. Helps retain moisture
3. Helps the gel texture penetrate into the skin better.
4.It is a protective barrier that helps prevent skin irritation.

【Aloe vera benefits】
1. Aloe vera contains antioxidants. And keeps the skin soft and moist
2. Increase the flexibility of the skin.
3. Restoration of dry and damaged skin
4. Reduce irritation of the skin.