Pey Yi Chong 張貼

吉隆坡2020【全新】演唱會 / 2020 The 【New Theme】 Concert at Kuala Lumpur
日期 / Date :2020 年02月29日 / 29th February 2020
地點 / Venue :BUKIT JALIL National Stadium
会员预购期 / Member pre-order date:13/07/2019 - 24/07/2019

⚠️Booking Terms and Conditions⚠️

Each member is allowed to purchase 2 tickets for each concert day from any section. But each member ID cannot be used to purchase more than 2 tickets for each concert day (Can be 2 tickets for 2 members in one form or 1 member and 1 non member in one form)

Each member ID can only purchased 2 tickets for each date ; 1 Preorder/postage form, 1 bank transfer form and 1 Step 3 completed form.

JayMS seats are allocated by the organiser, JAYMs members are unable to select specific areas of seatings.

Please note that
a) The seats will be allocated according to order of order form submission on a first come first serve basis.
b) Members who want to be allocated the same row must indicate the Order Number
JMSxxxxx of the other party/parties underSEATING PREFERENCES. Please be informed that your seat allocation will be affected by form submission time. For friends who want to sit together, the submission time will be taken as the time of the LAST form submission . All seat allocations are final and cannot be altered.

During the period of the concert, please arrange for your own transport 。

All tickets will be mailed. No face to face meetup or tickets pick up service will be provided

All the tickets will be mailed to address that is stated in the membership service/postage form in the customer's information.

a) All tickets will be mailed via POSLAJU registered Mail for members who input in address based in Malaysia.
b) All tickets will be mailed vis SINGPOST registered mail for members who input in address based in Singapore.
*** Please be reminded that it is the responsibility of the member to ensure that someone can sign for the mail. If the mail is rejected by the post office or lost because no one can sign for it, JayMS is not responsible for the lost mail/ticket.

Preorder date: 13/07/2019 (Saturday)
End of Preorder date: 24/07/2019 ( Wednesday ) , before 11.59Pm 
***As this will be bulk purchase , we need some time to sort out all orders , which will be announced in JayMS Facebook chatroom after done sorting out. Please do not spam with various kind of questions before announcement , we will keep members updated via chatroom ***
***All late submissions after the closing date/time would not be entertained. After closing date , members shall proceed to book their tickets through authorised agent.

Please read through ALL the instructions with regards to the flow as well as payment methods before ordering from JayMS. JayMS is not responsible for any misinterpretations.

Preordered tickets will show RM0.00 to prevent resales of tickets to touts. This system starts from the OPUS JAY and is printed by the ticketing company. The admins will do the preorder, payment, collection before finally distributing to everyone.

** The organisers have not issued the seating plan yet.
** Right now, there is no free standing area (standing pit), all tickets are for seated areas only
** The organisers are not offering a discount for any purchase, all tickets are charged at it original price.
** All tickets CANNOT be resell at a higher than original price or touted. If anyone tries to resell the ticket at a higher price, the organisers will be informed and the ticket holder will be barred from entry without any refund being given and a police report shall be lodged.


Step 1:Pay postage

  • Please log in to JAYMS portal and click on 郵費 / Postage.
  • Each order order number only Can be submitted 1 order form
  • Please remember to put down your completed mailing address.
  • You can check the status of your order through Jay-MS Store. We will be sending you an email with tracking number once the item/s are mailed up
  • Please access this service through this link >>>Click here
  • ** Please note that you can pre-pay your mailing charges once the form is active.


Step 2:Pay the total cost of concert tickets

        • When JayMS announced about the purchase of tickets for members
        • Members have to do the transfer of funds to one of the banks shown below
        • Ticket price: Click here (only members can visit)
        • Payment Details: Click here
        • Opening date:13/07/2019 (Saturday) until the end of the pre-order


step 3:Choose the ticket you ordered

  • Please access this form only AFTER completing Steps 1 and 2.
  • Link to the form is:Click here
  • Opening date:13/07/2019 (Saturday) until the end of the pre-order
Please be reminded that members have to complete ALL 3 steps before being considered successful in your pre-order.


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