Successmore Body Cheer S VERA Aloe Vera Gel 芦荟凝胶

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【Successmore Body Cheer S VERA ALOE VERA GEL】

Aloe vera gel with Q10, gently nourishes and hydrates skin for a bright, smooth, and youthful look. Suitable for all ages. Helps treat inflammations, heal wounds, protect skin from sunlight and heal skin from sunburn. It also helps treat acne and reduce wrinkles.


Lightly apply on your body and facial skin after showering or cleaning your face before going to bed and exposing to sunlight or after exposure to sunlight.

【Product features】
- Help for Antioxidants and fight against the pigment melanin production
- Reduce hyperpigmentation of the wound caused by acne and fade away the scars
- Protects the skin cells from sunlight
- Protects the skin from being damaged in any cause that affects the skin
- Store the moisture in the skin, make the skin soft, moist, and not dry
- Gradually reduce the trenches of the skin, make firm skin
- Nurture skin for suitable with all skin types
- A good antioxidant to fight against free radicals that can harm the skin
- Eliminates free radicals, which causes the wrinkles and dull skin caused by UVA and UVB
- Inflammation treatment and wound healing
- Protect your skin from the sunlight and heal skin after sunburn
- Acne treatment
- Reduce wrinkles

-Phytocytol BLM, Hyaluronic Acid WSK, Coenzyme Q10, Aloe Vera


- 帮助抗氧化剂,对抗黑色素的生成
- 减少痤疮引起的色素沉着过度并淡化疤痕
- 保护皮肤细胞免受阳光照射
- 保护皮肤不受任何影响皮肤的因素的损害
- 将水分储存在皮肤中,使皮肤柔软,湿润而不干燥
- 逐渐减少皮肤的沟槽,使皮肤紧实
- 培养适合所有皮肤类型的皮肤
- 良好的抗氧化剂,可对抗可伤害皮肤的自由基
- 炎症治疗和伤口愈合
- 保护您的皮肤免受阳光照射,并在晒伤后治愈皮肤
- 痤疮治疗
- 减少皱纹