Successmore Neatly home Liquid Concentrate/浓缩液洗碗液

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【Successmore Neatly home Liquid Concentrate】

【洗碗液 】(浓缩配方)



净重 :1,000 毫升



【Dish cleaner 】(Concentrate Formula)


Mix dishwashing liquid with water in a ratio of 1:5, cleanse the dishes before rinsing off with water.

Net weight : 1,000 ml

“Concentrate dish cleaner products enables you to clean more dishes than using other products because it is consisted of 4 types of cleaner helping to clean and eliminate oil and dirt from tour dishes completely. It is also able to clean dirt from the surface of vegetables and fruits and it is also consisted of cleaner obtained from natural plants, for example, palm, coconuts, and corn. Moreover, it is consisted of Aloe Vera extract therefore it is safe for using and biodegradable.

It is a concentrate dish cleaner product with pH Balance ingredients helping to protect fabric fibers.