Successmore Body Cheer Benfite Toothpaste SLS FREE 牙膏

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【Successmore Body Cheer Benfite Toothpaste】

‘’It is the latest innovation of toothpaste for strong teeth and gum but gentle for your mouth. With its SLS FREE formula, it is suitable for everyone in the family. Moreover, it has also consisted of all benefits for oral care and it is also safe for enamel. With hydrated silica, it helps to whiten your teeth gently while helping to eliminate plaque for cleaner and brighter teeth. It is mixed with various types of herbal extract integrated with Nano Triclosan helping to reduce the accumulation of bacteria in the oral cavity and bad breath. It helps to refresh your breath for long period as well as look after your teeth and gum with Potassium Nitrate, Creatine, and Vitamin C. 9 Benefits of Benfite Toothpaste

Direction: Use Benfite’ Toothpaste at least twice a day

【Product features】
- Reduce the accumulation of bacteria
- Eliminate plaque and tartar.
- Brighten your teeth
- Moisten your oral cavity.
- Relieve inflammation
- Relieve hypersensitive teeth.
- Nourish and strengthen your teeth and gum.
- Eliminate bad breath.
- Refresh your breath throughout the day.

Net Weight : 150 gram

Creatine, Hydrated Silica, Nano Triclosan, Potassium Nitrate, Vitamin C, Peppermint Oil, Clove Oil, Myrrh Extract, Xylitol

‘’这是牙膏的最新创新,可增强牙齿和牙龈,但对口腔却温和。凭借其SLS FREE配方,它适合家庭中的每个人。此外,它还具有口腔护理的所有优点,并且对于牙釉质也是安全的。使用水合二氧化硅,可帮助您轻柔洁白牙齿,同时消除牙菌斑,使牙齿更清洁,更明亮。它与各种混合了纳米三氯生的草药提取物混合在一起,有助于减少细菌在口腔和口臭中的积累。硝酸钾,肌酸和维生素C可帮助您长期呼吸,并照顾牙齿和牙龈。

- 减少细菌积聚
- 消除牙菌斑和牙垢。
- 亮丽牙齿
- 保持口腔湿润。
- 舒缓口腔发炎
- 缓解过敏性牙齿。
- 滋养和增强牙齿和牙龈。
- 消除口臭。
- 全天清新口气


Net Weight : 150 gram